Dropwise by Micha & Agnes Fritz | Viva Con Agua California

Dropwise by Micha & Agnes Fritz | Viva Con Agua California

Dropwise #4 - Just do it

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It was a week full of production. The artist in residency program has taken up with speed and creates connection on many levels.
Connection always is the trigger for something magic to happen and door opener for unexpected possibilities. So the music production with L.A.’s unsheltered people goes on and another collaboration already is in the making.

Dropwise #3 - None but ourselves can free our minds

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One of the reasons why we moved to Los Angeles besides the almost endless potential for raising awareness and funds are the water problems in the USA. Supposedly the United States of America are the richest country when it comes to money - still they got huge water problems in Flint (Michigan), in California and in many Reservoirs of the Native Americans. Just like in South Dakota where the water is poisoned with Uranium. It is one side of America that is not often told and seen in the media.

Dropwise #2 - The journey goes on

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No real plan, #weedforwater and transparency!
All these topics are on the table of the second episode of DROPWISE. Starting a new life abroad means a lot of re-organization. As a family and asa couple you need to develop new routines. Agnes and Michael see both their household and all family-related jobs as a project where tasks are equally shared. Sometimes daily life means juggling with different roles as spouses, as parents and activists in profession.

Michael and Agnes talk about the driving forces of Viva con Agua, what always has been working for the association back in the days and how they plan on continuing in Los Angeles, even though they go with a free flow and can’t know where it goes.

Dropwise #1 - The first steps in LA

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The last three years my wife @Agnes and me have been working on the idea of starting Viva con Agua California. We made a plan for ourselves, we applied for the O1 Visa, we created two years in a row the Waterweek an art music and culture festival in Los Angeles, we founded Viva con Agua California on a legal base and finally we moved over to LA just 10 days ago. It took us at least one year longer than expected. This whole trip is for us completely new, challenging and often insane combining the workload of a start-up with the needs of a happy family life. Our idea was from the very beginning to do that whole process as transparent and as open source as possible. Thats the reason why we came up with the idea of the podcast „DROPWISE - How to start a social family business“
We want to invite everybody to become part of our perspective of founding an All-Profit-organization in a foreign country. Maybe it inspires some people to create something social too. If not it is at least a nice reflection for my wife and me.
Enjoy listening and feel free to share any kind of feedback with us.


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